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With the vast acreage at Aldersgate, it's not a surprise that many of our menu items are straight from our own garden. Our culinary team puts an emphasis on fresh, healthy cuisine. Here everything is five-star and healthy when sensibly balanced – even his spectacular desserts. 

With the new Common's, Aldersgate offers several dinning options including a more formal dining room, the Fresh Market Café and The Rose & The Ivy Pub. 

The Chef’s menu changes regularly to incorporate what’s in season: savory soups, delicious salads, three entrée options and up to seven desserts. Everything is made to order and special dietary requests are always accommodated.  

Both dining venues are open on Sunday. Keep it light and simple at the Café or make reservations for a fabulous Sunday brunch.

All meals can be enjoyed privately in your own home in a social setting with friends or family. Or, we will cater a special event. Our Chef is your chef. He'll make sure you always dine well!

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